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Electrovaya’s integrated battery systems

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Electrovaya’s integrated battery systems are available for a wide variety of demanding and specialized applications

Electrovaya Inc. (Toronto, Canada) has received a purchase order from Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) for a major distributed energy storage project.

The project will lead to the installation of 25 distributed and independent energy storage systems in a single UK town. The systems will range in energy capacity from 12.5 kWh to over 80 kWh.


The Electrovaya systems are expected to be delivered to SSEPD by mid 2014. The current energy storage project is part of the Thames Valley Vision (TVV) project, a SSEPD project in partnership with other local, national and international businesses. The TVV is a GBP 30 million project and is part of a GBP 500 million program funded by theLow Carbon Network Fund (LCNF) run by Ofgem, the UK energy regulator.


Storage with smart grid features

The systems will be composed of Electrovaya's latest SuperPolymer 2.0 technology and according to Electrovaya will feature substantial smart grid capabilities.

"The project will lead to the development of substantial smart grid capabilities for Electrovaya's systems," says Dr.Rajshekar DasGupta, VP Business Development.

"Furthermore, European utilities are gaining interest in energy storage and they have the highest penetration of renewables in the world, thereby placing Electrovaya in a prime position for follow up projects in the region."